Runner Feature - David Lawless RunThrough Running Club LondonI have been to two RunThrough events now, Run Aintree and Run Media City. Getting my self back into gear!

It all started at the end of 2019 when I started running again after piling on the weight and getting lazy with next to no exercise just work work work. I said enough is enough.

My first run was 8km, which took over a hour to do. I know that might not sound long but it felt forever just to get it done. I started running once a week when I could, then twice a week, then three times a week.

Come lockdown in 2020, I thought that was it, I’d been making strides in my times and as it was an unknown as to what was going to happen I simply kept running in the back garden to keep going till we could exercise outside again.

Then, as everyone did, I had all my events cancelled!

So I opted to take on virtual challenges and ran virtual after virtual. It meant I got my hands on plenty of bling.

I then joined the Wigan Harriers to fine tune my run and times and it worked a treat. I went from over a hour for 10k race to sub 40 and sub 19 for 5k run.

I have now joined the Robin Park runners in Wigan which have just become affiliated, something I think of as an achievement in its self. I was proud to represent them solo carrying the torch for the club at the Run Media City event and I did them proud coming 14th in the 5k!

Runner Feature - David Lawless RunThrough Running Club London

After all the running events, virtual runs and training I have lost 4 stone and still counting. I will keep making strides in my times and aim high…..

We go everyday 💪