Runner feature - In remembrance of Ian 'Jack' Woods RunThrough Running Club London


“I just wanted to get in touch with you regarding my uncle Ian Woods. He was an avid runner and had a membership with yourselves [RunThrough]. He completed countless races over the years and we are ever so proud of him. He has unfortunately passed away and I wondered if you could share his story in memory of him.”



Our Ian Woods, more commonly referred to as Jack, was an amazing uncle,
brother, son and friend, and we owe everything to him. Uncle Jack loved life, he
loved travelling, he always had everyone’s back, and there was never a dull
moment with him around, we miss so many things about him, but we especially
miss his grin and wink, his silly one liners and jokes and his piercing whistle.
When he began running in 2017, he would come home with a new medal what
felt like every week! He displayed them proudly in the ‘pink room’- his man cave,
granted after completing an impressive 62 runs, these spread into his bedroom
too, he completed these with a lot of pride, as he did everything. Jack lived life
to the fullest, and although he has left us far too soon, the lessons he taught us
remain immeasurable, we love you Jack.”


  • Ian Woods. 12/07/1970 – 23/09/2022


We will remember you always.