Runner Feature - Lucy & Dan's Wedding Quest RunThrough Running Club London

Lucy and Dan took part in our Victoria Park 5k as the first run in their challenge for 2017 – Lucy is running a race each month of the year in her wedding dress. They tell us more about why they are doing it….

Name: Lucy & Daniel Dorey-Robinson
Age: 27
Location: Hertfordshire
Favourite distance: I like a 10k for the challenge, but Dan is new to this, so his favourite is 5k!
Favourite running shoe: I love my Nike trainers.
Favourite clothing brand (for running): No particular favourite, though I tend to run in Adidas tights

Dan and I met during freshers week at Aberystwyth University in 2008, friendship was immediate, and we were in a relationship within the year. We moved to London area to do our respective PhDs and got married on 12th March 2016 at the Royal Marines Museum, Portsmouth.

So why are we doing it? For me, it all started because I wanted more opportunities to wear my wedding dress, I didn’t want it to just collect dust in a box somewhere and I didn’t want it’s only achievement to be getting married. I saw the smiles that wearing my dress put on everyone else’s faces and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to raise some money for charity. I chose Cancer Research UK because my grandad survived 2 different cancers, though he passed away last year due to side effects of a third cancer, and that was just a few short months after our wedding. We were always optimistic and forever grateful to Cancer Research UK for the work they have done helped produce the treatments that cured 2 of those cancers. In light of that, and in memory of my fabulous grandad, I wanted to dedicate my efforts this year to him and to Cancer Research UK.
Runner Feature - Lucy & Dan's Wedding Quest RunThrough Running Club London

Runner Feature - Lucy & Dan's Wedding Quest RunThrough Running Club London

We aim to raise £1000 by the end of this year by doing 1 run a month, art sales and bake sales. Once we get to our half way point, £500, Dan will start running in a suit! We have called the mission “I’m the beast” because my dress is an Alfred Angelo dress Disney collection based on Beauty and the Beast.

Already we have raised 1/4 of our target!!!

You can follow the mission on Lucy’s Instagram, and see their fundraising page.