Hey, my name is Nicole and I’m 21 years old. If you’re looking for inspiration I think you don’t need to look any further than this post…

In August last year, I reached 19 and a half stone. I struggled to walk without being out of breath and I knew I needed to change my life because it was not how I wanted to live.

Runner Feature - Nicole Culverhouse RunThrough Running Club London

I was recommended the Couchto5K app by a friend, started it and I fell in love with just being out on the road running and listening to my music. It was my escape!

I really struggled in the beginning with Couchto5k and I had to repeat some of the steps several times before moving forward. But I never quit. Once I’d completed the app, I decided I loved running no matter how slow I was at the time and I carried on. I’ve now lost 102 lbs and still going strong to my target weight.

The furthest I’ve run so far is a half marathon. I also gained the confidence to sign up to my first race, the Northampton 10K, the atmosphere was euphoric and it just confirmed for me that I have well and truly fallen in love with running for life. I’ve got myself a place for Brighton Marathon in 2022, so now I’m training for that, I’m super excited.

The best two pieces of advice I have ever had about running are; “You lap everyone who is sitting on the couch” and “A 14 minute mile and a 6 minute mile is still a mile”.

Runners are lovely, kind people, thanks for being such a good community. And if you’re reading this thinking it’s not possible for you, you’re wrong, it absolutely is and you can so do this too.

Runner Feature - Nicole Culverhouse RunThrough Running Club London