Welcome to the RunThrough newsletter for Aug 15th!
We thought we’d use it to bring your attention to some of the stuff that we’re checking out this week.

5-Bullet Point Monday:

What we have been asked about this week/Training specific suggestions
We mentioned on Monday night that you are better off doing some dynamic stretches before a run rather than static ones. Check out this video for a good pre-run routine.

Common injuries that can be prevented if you know how
What causes pins and needles during a run? Most commonly this is due to reduced blood flow to a certain area. Consider loosening your trainers or re-lacing them (see this article on “Alternative ways to tie your laces”). If that doesn’t work it might be that you simply have poor circulation in your feet during running. More seriously it could be linked to Compartment Syndrome, a trapped nerve or possibly a hip/lower back issue that is affecting your gait – for these it would be worth going to see a specialist.

Nutritional tips or yummy recipes
Ok, it’s nothing to do with nutrition this week, sorry, but check out this fab website (CLICK HERE). We particularly like the shop section – it has some awesome gifts for runners, we particularly like the medal displays. Might be worth mentioning to significant others if you have a birthday coming up?

Most interesting blog/article we’ve read in the past week
Following on from the video above with dynamic stretches, this article (CLICK HERE) talks through why static stretching before a run is not that good for you.

Upcoming Events
Rio Lounge
 – more Olympic action on big screens at the Brazilian Embassy, Trafalgar Square. 15th-22nd Aug. More info here.
RunThrough Greenwich Park Sunday 21st @ 10am. Book your place here.