What we have been asked about this week/Training specific suggestions

When running downhill what part of your foot should strike the ground first? Should you lean back? What should you do with your arms? Where should you look? So many questions, but what are the Secrets to Running Downhill? READ HERE

Common injuries that can be prevented if you know how

During the summer we like to do our Monday evening run club on the grass rather than the path, but what are the Benefits of Running on Grass? READ HERE

Nutritional tips or yummy recipes

We featured a chocolate based recipe last week so this week here’s a great non-chocolate (alternative) recipe for when you’re on the go. RECIPE HERE

RunThrough Newsletter 24th July 2017 RunThrough Running Club London

Most interesting blog/article we’ve read in the past week
On our blog this week: sometimes it takes a bit of a health scare to motivate you to make some changes and that’s exactly what Caroline Aylott did. She’s an inspiration and our Runner Feature of the week! Check out her story HERE.

RunThrough Newsletter 24th July 2017 RunThrough Running Club London


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